Industry statistics indicate that the average expected life of a shingle roof is just 17 years. That means that, each year, about five out of every 100 homes is re-roofed. Re-roofing your home is never a fun decision, and it also should not be taken lightly. After all, your home’s roof provides its primary means of protection. And, with most homes, approximately 50 percent of the visible exterior is roof. Many homeowners, therefore, seek out roofs that will enhance their home’s beauty, protection, value, and even energy efficiency. Other homeowners may also seek out a roof system that is well-suited to an eventual solar installation.


Every homeowner has different priorities. A homeowner who plans to sell their home in a couple of years should make a very different roofing decision from a homeowner who vows to be “carried out” of their home or a homeowner who intends to leave their home to a relative. This website has been designed to help homeowners develop and analyze their roof priorities.

Isaiah Industries has been a vibrant and growing part of the residential roofing industry since 1980. We have worked with hundreds of thousands of homeowners worldwide. While our expertise is in the production of beautiful and long-lasting metal roofs, our sole goal is to help homeowners make the roofing decision that is best for them and for their home. Our Roofing Needs Profiler has been developed to help homeowners evaluate what is important to them in choosing a roof. If the result of that is that a metal roof could be in their future, our Metal Roof Selector zeroes in on the metal roof that is best for them.

Please continue this process by selecting one of the following options:

1) Roofing Needs Profiler

This easy and fun 30-question survey is like a “Personality Quiz” for your roof. Your answers will be automatically analyzed and then we will describe whether an Entry-Level, Mid-Level, or Investment-Grade roof is best for you.

2) Metal Roof Selector

Our Selector guides you through a series of topics that will tell you about the benefits of metal roofing that mean the most to you. At the end, we will help you determine what style of metal roofing may work best for your situation.